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The best filter tips in the molucar biology labs

Neptune Filter Tips

Neptune tips are a type of pipette tip used in laboratory work for dispensing small volumes of liquids with precision. They are commonly used in molecular biology, genomics, and other life science applications.

Neptune tips are designed to be ultra-low retention, meaning that they minimize the amount of liquid that adheres to the tip's surface. This is important because it reduces the risk of sample loss and contamination, which can affect experimental accuracy and reproducibility.

Neptune tips are made of a special type of polymer material that resists liquid adhesion, and their surfaces are treated with a hydrophobic coating to further reduce retention. They are also designed with a precisely molded shape and smooth inner surface to ensure accurate and consistent liquid transfer.

Neptune tips come in a variety of sizes to accommodate different pipetting volumes, and they are compatible with most commonly used pipettes. They are available in both filtered and non-filtered versions, depending on the specific application requirements.

Overall, Neptune tips are a popular choice for high-precision liquid handling in life science research due to their low retention properties and compatibility with a wide range of pipettes.




Ensure the reproducibility of your results with the latest generation in low-retention technology. Made from our unique S3 polymer, Neptune pipette tips retain virtually no fluids, allowing you to dispense truly accurate sample volumes:

  • Slash retention of biological solutions
  • Save your work from leach-prone silicone treatments
  • Autoclave and use with complete confidence

BT10: 10 trays of 96/pack, 5 packs/case

BT100: 10 trays of 96/pack, 5 packs/case

BT10XLS3: 10 trays of 96/pack, 5 packs/case

BT1250: 8 trays of 96/pack, 4 packs/case

BT20: 10 trays of 96/pack, 5 packs/case

BT200: 10 trays of 96/pack, 5 packs/case

BT10XL: 10 trays of 96/pack, 5 packs/case

Specifications: Racked, Pre-sterile